Directives and IDE Equivalents


   Directives and IDE Equivalents
   Directive  Equivalent in Compiler Options Dialog Box
   $A+        Align Data ..Word
   $A-        Align Data..Byte
   $B+        Boolean Evaluation..Complete
   $B-        Boolean Evaluation..Short Circuit
   $D+        Debug Information..On
   $D-        Debug Information..Off
   $E+        Emulation..On
   $E-        Emulation..Off
   $F+        Force Far Calls..On
   $F-        Force Far Calls..Off
   $G+        286 Code..On
   $G-        286 Code..Off
   $I+        I/O Checking..On
   $I-        I/O Checking..Off
   $K+        Smart callbacks..On
   $K-        Smart callbacks..Off
   $L+        Local Symbols..On
   $L-        Local Symbols..Off
   $M         Memory Sizes..(values)
   $N+        80x87 Code..On
   $N-        80x87 Code..Off
   $O+        Overlay Code Generaton..On
   $O-        Overlay Code Generaton..Off
   $P+        Open string parameters..Enabled
   $P-        Open string parameters..Disabled
   $Q+        Overflow Checking..On
   $Q-        Overflow Checking..Off
   $R+        Range Checking..On
   $R-        Range Checking..Off
   $S+        Stack Checking..On
   $S-        Stack Checking..Off
   $T+        Type-Checked Pointers..On
   $T-        Type-Checked Pointers..Off
   $V+        Strict Var-String Checking
   $V-        Relaxed Var-String Checking
   $W+        Windows Stack Frame..On
   $W-        Windows Stack Frame..Off
   $X+        Extended Syntax..On
   $X-        Extended Syntax..Off
   $Y+        Symbol reference information..On
   $Y-        Symbol reference information..Off

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