> $E Emulation Switch


 {$E} Emulation Switch

Enables or disables linking with an 80x87-emulating run-time library

   Syntax: {$E+} or {$E-}
   Default: {$E+}
   Type: Global
   Menus: [X] Emulation


Real mode, Protected mode The $E directive enables or disables linking with a run-time library that emulates the 80x87 numeric coprocessor if one is not present.

The {$N+,E+} State When you compile a program in the {$N+,E+} state, the compiler links with the full 80x87 emulator.

The resulting .EXE file can be run on any machine, regardless of whether that machine has an 80x87. If an 80x87 is present, the program will use it; otherwise, the run-time library emulates it.

The {$N+,E-} State In the {$N+,E-} state, the compiler links with a substantially smaller floating-point library, which can only be used if an 80x87 is present at run time.

The {$E} (80x87 emulation) switch has no effect if used in a unit; it applies only to the compilation of a program.

The {$N-,E+} State If the program is compiled in the {$N-} state, and if all the units used by the program were compiled with {$N-}, then an 80x87 run-time library is not required, and the 80x87 emulation switch is ignored.

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