> $S: Stack-Overflow Checking Switch
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 $S:  Stack-Overflow Checking Switch

Enables and disables the generation of stack-overflow checking code.

   Syntax:        {$S+} or {$S-}
   Default:       {$S+}
   Type:          Local
   Menu Command:  Options|Compiler|Stack Checking

The $S+ State

In the $S+ state, the compiler generates code at the beginning of each procedure or function to check whether there is sufficient stack space for the local variables and other temporary storage.

When there is not enough stack space, a call to a procedure or function compiled with $S+ causes the program to terminate and display a run-time error message.

The $S- State

When there is not enough stack space in the $S- state, a call to a procedure or function is likely to cause a system crash.

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