> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures G


  Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures G

    GetArcCoords     Proc  Gets coordinates of last Arc command.
    GetArgCount      Func  Returns number of parameters passed to
                           program on the command line.
    GetArgStr        Func  Returns command-line parameter specified by
    GetAspectRatio   Proc  Returns two components from which aspect ratio
                           can be computed.
    GetBkColor       Func  Returns current background color.
    GetCBreak        Proc  Returns state of Ctrl-Break checking in DOS.
    GetColor         Func  Returns current drawing color.
    GetCurDir        Func  Returns current directory of specified drive.
    GetDate          Proc  Returns current date set in the operating system.
    GetDefaultPalette Func Returns palette definition structure.
    GetDir           Proc  Returns current directory of specified drive.
    GetDriverName    Proc  Returns string containing the name of current
    GetEnv           Func  Returns value of a specified environmental value.
    GetEnvVar        Proc  Returns a pointer to the value of a specified
                           environment variable.
    GetFAttr         Proc  Returns attributes of a file.
    GetGraphMode     Func  Returns current graphics mode.
    GetFillPattern   Proc  Returns currently selected fill pattern color.
    GetFillSettings  Proc  Gets current fill pattern and color.
    GetFTime         Proc  Returns date and time file was last written.
    GetImage         Proc  Saves bit image of specified region into a buffer
    GetIntVec        Proc  Returns address stored in a specified interrupt
    GetLineSettings  Proc  Returns current line style, line pattern, and
                           line thickness.
    GetMaxColor      Func  Returns highest color that can be passed to
                           SetColor procedure.
    GetMaxMode       Func  Returns maximum mode number for the currently
                           loaded driver.
    GetMaxX          Func  Gets current X resolution.
    GetMaxY          Func  Gets current Y resolution.
    GetMem           Proc  Creates a dynamic variable of the specified size
                           and puts the address of the block in a pointer
    GetModeName      Func  Gets the name of a graphics mode.
    GetModeRange     Proc  Returns range of valid graphics mode values
                           for a particular device driver.
    GetPalette       Proc  Returns current palette and its size.
    GetTextSettings  Proc  Gets settings for text output in graphics mode.
    GetPaletteSize   Func  Returns size of the palette color lookup table.
    GetPixel         Func  Gets pixel value at (X,Y).
    GetTime          Proc  Returns current time set in the operating system.
    GetVerify        Proc  Returns state of the verify flag in DOS.
    GetViewSettings  Proc  Gets current viewport and clipping parameters.
    GetX             Func  Returns X coordinate of current pointer (CP).
    GetY             Func  Returns Y coordinate of current pointer (CP).
    GotoXY           Proc  Moves cursor to the given coordinates within
                           the virtual screen.
    GraphErrorMsg    Func  Returns error message string for the specified
    GraphResult      Func  Returns error code for last graphics operation.

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