> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures S-SS


 Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures S-SS

    ScrollTo         Proc  Scrolls the CRT window to show a screen location.
    Sector           Proc  Draws and fills an elliptical sector.
    Seek             Proc  Moves the current position of a file to a
                           specified component.
    SeekEof          Func  Returns the end-of-file status of a file.
    SeekEoln         Func  Returns the end-of-line status of a file.
    Seg              Func  Returns the segment of a specified object.
    SetActivePage    Proc  Set the active page for graphics output.
    SetAspectRatio   Proc  Changes the default aspect-ratio correction
    SetBkColor       Proc  Sets the current background color, using the
    SetCBreak        Proc  Sets the state of Ctrl-Break checking in DOS.
    SetColor         Proc  Sets the current drawing color, using the palette.
    SetCurDir        Proc  Changes the current directory to the specified
    SetDate          Proc  Sets the current date in the operating system.
    SetFAttr         Proc  Sets the attributes of a file.
    SetFillPattern   Proc  Selects a user-defined fill pattern.
    SetFillStyle     Proc  Sets the fill pattern and color.
    SetFTime         Proc  Sets the date and time a file was last written.
    SetGraphBufSize  Proc  Changes the default graphics buffer size used for
                           scan and flood fills.
    SetGraphMode     Proc  Sets the system to graphics mode and clears the
    SetIntVec        Proc  Sets a specified interrupt vector to a specified
    SetLineStyle     Proc  Sets the current line width and style.
    SetPalette       Proc  Changes one palette color as specified by ColorNum
                           and Color.
    SetRGBPalette    Proc  Modifies palette entries for the IBM 8514 and VGA
    SetTextBuf       Proc  Assigns an I/O buffer to a text file.
    SetTextJustify   Proc  Sets text justification values used by OutText and
    SetTextStyle     Proc  Sets style for text output in graphics mode.
    SetTime          Proc  Sets the current time in the operating system.
    SetUserCharSize  Proc  Varies the character width and height for stroked
    SetVerify        Proc  Sets the state of the verify flag in DOS.
    SetViewPort      Proc  Sets the current output viewport or window for
                           graphics output.
    SetVisualPage    Proc  Sets the visual graphics page number.
    SetWriteMode     Proc  Sets the writing mode for line drawing.
    Sin              Func  Returns the sine of the argument.
    SizeOf           Func  Returns the number of bytes occupied by the
    Sound            Proc  Starts the internal speaker.
    SPtr             Func  Returns the current value of the SP register.
    Sqr              Func  Returns the square of the argument.
    Sqrt             Func  Returns the square root of the argument.
    SSeg             Func  Returns the current value of the SS register.

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