> System Procedures and Functions M-R


  System Procedures and Functions M-R

This index is an alphabetical listing of all the procedures and functions in the System unit.

You can also look up these procedures and functions in a categorical index, where they are listed by categories of what they do.

  Func/Proc  │F or P│ What it does
  MaxAvail   │ Func │ Returns the size of the largest contiguous free block
             │      │ in the heap
  MemAvail   │ Func │ Returns the amount of all free memory in the heap
  MkDir      │ Proc │ Creates a subdirectory
  Move       │ Proc │ Copies bytes from source to dest
  New        │ Proc │ Creates a new dynamic variable and sets a pointer
             │      │ variable to point to it
  Odd        │ Func │ Tests if the argument is an odd number
  Ofs        │ Func │ Tests if the argument is an odd number
  Ord        │ Func │ Returns the ordinal number of an ordinal-type value
  ParamCount │ Func │ Returns the number of parameters passed to the program
             │      │ on the command line
  ParamStr   │ Func │ Returns a specified command-line parameter
  Pi         │ Func │ Returns the value of Pi
  Pos        │ Func │ Searches for a substring in a string
  Pred       │ Func │ Returns the predecessor of the argument
  Ptr        │ Func │ Converts a segment base and an offset address to a
             │      │ pointer-type value
  Random     │ Func │ Returns a random number
  Randomize  │ Proc │ Initializes the built-in random number generator with
             │      │ a random value (obtained from the system clock)
  Read       │ Proc │ For typed files, reads a file component into a
             │      │ variable.
             │      │ For text files, reads one or more values into one or
             │      │ more variables
  Readln     │ Proc │ Executes the Read procedure, then skips to the next
             │      │ line of the file
  Rename     │ Proc │ Renames an external file
  Reset      │ Proc │ Opens an existing file
  Rewrite    │ Proc │ Creates and opens a new file
  RmDir      │ Proc │ Removes an empty subdirectory
  Round      │ Func │ Rounds a real-type value to an integer-type value
  RunError   │ Proc │ Stops program execution

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