> Read (procedure)


 Read (procedure)

 -  For typed files, reads a file component into a variable.
 -  For text files, reads one or more values into one or more variables


Typed files

    procedure Read(F , V1 [, V2,...,Vn ] );

Text files

    procedure Read( [ var F: Text; ] V1 [, V2,...,Vn ] );


Windows, Real, Protected


With a type string variable:

  Read reads all characters up to, but not including, the next
     end-of-line marker or until Eof(F) becomes True; it does not skip
     to the next line after reading. If the resulting string is longer
     than the maximum length of the string variable, it is truncated.
  After the first Read, each subsequent Read will see the end-of-line
     marker and return a zero-length string.
  Use multiple Readln calls to read successive string values.

When the extended syntax is enabled, Read can read null-terminated strings into zero-based character arrays.

With type integer or type real variables:

  Read will skip any blanks, tabs, or end-of-line markers preceding the
     numeric string.
  If the numeric string does not conform to the expected format, an I/O
     error occurs, otherwise the value is assigned to the variable.
  The next Read will start with the blank, tab or end-of-line marker that
     terminated the numeric string.

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