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 Write (procedure)

For typed files, writes a variable into a file component. For text files, writes one or more values to the file


Typed files

   procedure Write(F, V1 [, V2,...,Vn ] );

Text files

   procedure Write( [ var F: Text; ] P1 [,P2,...,Pn ] );


Windows, Real, Protected


File must be open for input.

F if specified is a text file variable.

Text files

   Each P is a write parameter which includes an output expression whose
     value is to be written to the file.
   A write parameter can also contain the specifications of field width, and
     number of decimal places.
   Each output expression must be of type Char, Integer, Real, string,
     packed string, or Boolean.

Typed files

   Each V is a variable of the same type as the component type of F.
   For each variable written, the current file position is advanced to
     the next component.
   If the current file position is at the end of the file, the file is

Return Values

{$I-} IOResult returns 0 if the operation was sucessful, otherwise a nonzero error code.

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