> Dos Procedures and Functions (categorical)


  Dos Procedures and Functions (categorical)

This is a functional (categorical) listing of the procedures and functions in the Dos unit.

To look up an individual Dos routine by name rather than by category, see the alphabetical index of Dos procedures and functions.

Date and Time procedures   What it does

  GetDate    (procedure)    Returns current date set in the operating
  GetFTime   (procedure)    Returns date and time a file was last written.
  GetTime    (procedure)    Returns current time set in the operating
  PackTime   (procedure)    Converts a DateTime record into a 4-byte,
                            packed date-and-time character Longint used
                            by SetFTime.
  SetDate    (procedure)    Sets the current date in the operating system.
  SetFTime   (procedure)    Sets the date and atime a file was last written.
  SetTime    (procedure)    Sets the current time in the operating system.
  UnpackTime (procedure)    Converst a 4-byte, packed date-and-time character
                            Longint returned by GetFTime, FindFirst, or
                            FindNext into an unpacked DateTime record.

Disk status functions   What it does

  DiskFree (function)    Returns the number of free bytes of a specified
                         disk drive.
  DiskSize (function)    Returns the total size, in bytes, of a specified
                         disk drive.


procedures and functions   What it does

  FExpand   (function)      Takes a file name, returns a fully qualified
                            file name (drive, directory, and extension).
  FSearch   (function)      Searches for a file in a list of directories.
  FSplit    (function)      Splits a file name into its three parts
                            (directory, file name, and extension).
  FindFirst (procedure)     Searches the specified (or current) directory
                            for the first entry matching the specified file
                            name and set of attributes.
  FindNext  (procedure)     Returns next entry matching the attributes and
                            name specified in earlier call to FindFirst.
  GetFAttr  (procedure)     Returns the attributes of a file.
  SetFAttr  (procedure)     Sets the attributes of a file.

 Interrupt support

procedures                What it does

  GetIntVec (procedure)    Returns the address stored in a specified
                           inturrupt vector.
  Intr      (procedure)    Executes a specified software intuerrupt.
  MsDos     (procedure)    Executes a Dos function call.
  SetIntVec (procedure)    Sets a specified interrupt vector to a specified


procedures and functions   What it does

  Exec        (procedure)   Executes a specified program with a specified
                            command line
  Keep        (procedure)   Keep (or Terminate Stay Resident) terminates
                            the program and makes it stay in memory.
  SwapVectors (procedure)   Swaps all saved interrupt vectors with the
                            current vectors.
  DosExitCode (function)    Returns the exit code of a subprocess.

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