> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures M-P


  Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures M-P

    Mark             Proc  Records the state of the heap in a pointer
    MaxAvail         Func  Returns the size of the largest contiguous free
                           block in the heap.
    MemAlloc         Func  Allocates memory on the heap and returns a pointer
                           to the block.
    MemAllocSeg      Func  Allocates a segment-aligned memory block.
    MemAvail         Func  Returns the amount of all free memory in the heap.
    MkDir            Proc  Creates a subdirectory.
    Move             Proc  Copies bytes from source to dest.
    MoveRel          Proc  Moves the current pointer (CP) a relative distance
                           from its current position.
    MoveTo           Proc  Moves the current pointer (CP) to (X,Y).
    MsDos            Proc  Executes a DOS function call.
    New              Proc  Creates a new dynamic variable and sets a pointer
                           variable to point to it.
    NormVideo        Proc  Selects the original text attribute read from the
                           cursor location at startup.
    NoSound          Proc  Turns off the computer's internal speaker.
    Odd              Func  Tests if the argument is an odd number.
    Ofs              Func  Returns the offset of a specified object.
    Ord              Func  Returns the ordinal number of an ordinal-type
    OutText          Proc  Sends a string to the output device at the current
    OutTextXY        Proc  Sends a string to the output device.
    OvrClearBuf      Proc  Clears the overlay buffer.
    OvrGetBuf        Func  Returns the current size of the overlay buffer.
    OvrGetRetry      Func  Returns the current size of the overlay buffer
                           probation area.
    OvrInit          Proc  Initializes overlay manager, opens overlay file.
    OvrInitEMS       Proc  Loads overlay file into EMS, if possible.
    OvrSetBuf        Proc  Sets overlay buffer size.
    PackTime         Proc  Converts a TDateTime record.
    ParamCount       Func  Returns the number of parameters passed to the
                           program on the command line.
    ParamStr         Func  Returns a specified command-line parameter.
    Pi               Func  Returns the value of Pi.
    PieSlice         Proc  Draws and fills a pie slice.
    Pos              Func  Searches for a substring in a string.
    Pred             Func  Returns the predecessor of the argument.
    Ptr              Func  Converts a segment base and an offset address to a
                           pointer-type value.
    PutImage         Proc  Puts a bit image onto the screen.
    PutPixel         Proc  Plots a pixel at X,Y.

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