> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures I-L


  Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures I-L

    ImageSize        Func  Returns the number of bytes required to store a
                           rectangular region of the screen.
    Inc              Proc  Increments a variable.
    Include          Proc  Includes an element in a set.
    InitGraph        Proc  Initializes the graphics system and puts the
                           hardware into graphics mode.
    InitMemory       Proc  Initializes the safety pool, then installs a heap
                           error function.
    InitWinCrt       Proc  Creates the CRT window if it has not already been
    Insert           Proc  Inserts a substring into a string.
    InsLine          Proc  Inserts an empty line at the cursor position.
    InstallUserDriver Func Installs a vendor-added device driver to the BGI
                           device driver table.
    InstallUserFont  Func  Installs a new font.
    Int              Func  Returns the Integer part of the argument.
    Intr             Proc  Executes a specified software interrupt.
    IOResult         Func  Returns the status of the last I/O operation
    Keep             Proc  Keeps (or Terminate Stay Resident) terminates the
                           program and makes it stay in memory.
    KeyPressed       Func  Determines if a key has been pressed on the
    Length           Func  Returns the dynamic length of a string.
    Line             Proc  Draws a line from the point (x1, y1) to (x2, y2).
    LineRel          Proc  Draws a line relative to the current pointer (CP)
                           and moves the CP to (x1, y1).
    LineTo           Proc  Draws a line from the current pointer to (X,Y).
    Ln               Func  Returns the natural logarithm of the argument.
    Lo               Func  Returns the low-order Byte of the argument.
    LongDiv          Func  A fast, inline assembly-coded division routine.
    LongMul          Func  A fast, inline assembly-coded multiplication
    Low              Func  Returns the lowest value in the range of the
    LowMemory        Func  Returns True if a memory allocation has eaten into
                           the safety pool at the end of the heap.
    LowVideo         Proc  Selects low intensity characters.

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