> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures C-D


  Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures C-D

    ChDir            Proc  Changes the current directory.
    Chr              Func  Returns a character with a specified ordinal
    Circle           Proc  Draws a circle (in the current color selected by
                           SetColor), using (X,Y) as the center point.
    ClearDevice      Proc  Clears the currently selected output device and
                           homes the current pointer.
    ClearViewPort    Proc  Clears the current view port (graphics mode only).
    Close            Proc  Closes an open file.
    CloseGraph       Proc  Shuts down the graphics system.
    ClrEol           Proc  Clears all characters from the cursor position to
                           the end of the line without moving the cursor.
    ClrScr           Proc  Clears the screen and returns the cursor to the
                           upper left corner.
    Concat           Func  Concatenates a sequence of strings.
    Continue         Proc  Continues a for, while, or repeat statement.
    Copy             Func  Returns a substring of a string.
    Cos              Func  Returns the cosine of the argument (x is an angle,
                           in radians).
    CreateDir        Proc  Creates a new subdirectory.
    CSeg             Func  Returns the current value of the CS register.
    CursorTo         Proc  Moves the cursor to the given coordinates within
                           the virtual screen.
    Dec              Proc  Decrements a variable.
    Delay            Proc  Delays a specified number of milliseconds.
    Delete           Proc  Deletes a substring from a string.
    DelLine          Proc  Deletes the line containing the cursor.
    DetectGraph      Proc  Checks the hardware and determines which graphics
                           driver and mode to use.
    DiskFree         Func  Returns the number of free bytes on a specified
                           disk drive.
    DiskSize         Func  Returns the total size, in bytes, of a specified
                           disk drive.
    Dispose          Proc  Disposes a dynamic variable.
    DoneMemory       Proc  Disposes of the memory allocated to the safety
    DoneWinCrt       Proc  Destroys the CRT window if it has not already been
    DosExitCode      Func  Returns the exit code of a subprocess.
    DosVersion       Func  Returns the DOS version number.
    DrawPoly         Proc  Draws the outline of a polygon using the current
                           line style and color.
    DSeg             Func  Returns the current value of the DS register.

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