> Compiler Error Messages 100--162
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 ▄ Compiler Error Messages 100--162

To go to the Help screen for a particular compiler error, choose the highlighted error number.

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   #  │Error Message
  100 │String length mismatch
  101 │Invalid ordering of fields
  102 │String constant expected
  103 │Integer or real variable expected
  104 │Ordinal variable expected
  105 │INLINE error
  106 │Character expression expected
  107 │Too many relocation items
  108 │Overflow in arithmetic operation
  109 │No enclosing For, While or Repeat statement
  112 │CASE constant out of range
  113 │Error in statement
  114 │Cannot call an interrupt procedure
  116 │Must be in 8087 mode to compile
  117 │Target address not found
  118 │Include files are not allowed here
  119 │No inherited methods are accessible here
  121 │Invalid qualifier
  122 │Invalid variable reference
  123 │Too many symbols
  124 │Statement part too large
  126 │Files must be var parameters
  127 │Too many conditional symbols
  128 │Misplaced conditional directive
  129 │ENDIF directive missing
  130 │Error in initial conditional defines
  131 │Header does not match previous definition
  133 │Cannot evaluate this expression
  134 │Expression incorrectly terminated
  135 │Invalid format specifier
  136 │Invalid indirect reference
  137 │Structured variables are not allowed here
  138 │Cannot evaluate without System unit
  139 │Cannot access this symbol
  140 │Invalid floating-point operation
  141 │Cannot compile overlays to memory
  142 │Pointer or procedural variable expected
  143 │Invalid procedure or function reference
  144 │Cannot overlay this unit
  145 │Too many nested scopes
  146 │File access denied
  147 │object type expected
  148 │Local object types are not allowed
  149 │Virtual expected
  150 │Method identifier expected
  151 │Virtual constructors are not allowed
  152 │Constructor identifier expected
  153 │Destructor identifier expected
  154 │Fail only allowed within constructors
  155 │Invalid combination of opcode and operands
  156 │Memory reference expected
  157 │Cannot add or subtract relocatable symbols
  158 │Invalid register combination
  159 │286/287 instructions are not enabled
  160 │Invalid symbol reference
  161 │Code generation error
  162 │ASM expected
  163 │Duplicate dynamic method index
  164 │Duplicate resource identifier
  165 │Duplicate or invalid export clause
  166 │Procedure or function identifier expected
  167 │Cannot export this symbol
  168 │Duplicate export name
  169 │Executable file header too large

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