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Borland Pascal generates two kinds of error messages: compiler error messages and run-time error messages.

 Compiler Error Messages

If a compiler error occurs when you're compiling from within the IDE, Borland Pascal makes the Edit window active and places the cursor at the point of error in your source code.

If the error occurs when you're using the command-line compiler, Borland Pascal displays the error message and number and the offending source line; a caret (^) in the displayed source line indicates the error's location.

 Run-time Error Messages

If your program generates an error at run time, it will terminate and this message will appear:

  Run-time error <nnn> at <xxxx:yyyy>


 ■ nnn is the run-time error number
 ■ xxxx:yyyy is the run-time error address

If you are using BP.EXE or BPW.EXE you may also see DPMI errors.

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