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  System Procedures and Functions S-Z

This index is an alphabetical listing of all the procedures and functions in the System unit.

You can also look up these procedures and functions in a categorical index, where they are listed by categories of what they do.

  Func/Proc  │F or P│ What it does
  ScrollTo   │ Proc │ Scrolls the CRT window to show virtual screen location
  Seek       │ Proc │ Moves the current position of a file to a specified
             │      │ component
  SeekEof    │ Func │ Returns the end-of-file status of a file
  SeekEoln   │ Func │ Returns the end-of-line status of a file
  Seg        │ Func │ Returns the segment of a specified object
  SetTextBuf │ Proc │ Assigns an I/O buffer to a text file
  Sin        │ Func │ Returns the sine of the argument
  SizeOf     │ Func │ Returns the number of bytes occupied by the argument
  SPtr       │ Func │ Returns the current value of the SP register
  Sqr        │ Func │ Returns the square of the argument
  Sqrt       │ Func │ Returns the square root of the argument
  SSeg       │ Func │ Returns the current value of the SS register
  Str        │ Proc │ Converts a numeric value to a string
  Succ       │ Func │ Returns the successor of the argument
  Swap       │ Func │ Swaps the high- and low-order bytes of the argument
  Trunc      │ Func │ Truncates a real-type value to an integer-type value
  Truncate   │ Proc │ Truncates the file at the current file position
  UpCase     │ Func │ Converts a character to uppercase
  Val        │ Proc │ Converts a string value to its numeric representation
  Write      │ Proc │ For typed files, writes a variable into a file
             │      │ component
             │      │ For text files, writes one or more values to the file
  Writeln    │ Proc │ Executes the Write procedure, then outputs an
             │      │ end-of-line marker to the file

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