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 ▄ Run│Go to Cursor     (F4)

The Go to Cursor command runs your program from the run bar to the line the cursor is on in the current Edit window.

(The run bar is the highlighted bar in your source code.)

If the cursor is at a line that does not contain an executable statement, Borland Pascal displays a warning.

The Go to Cursor command can also initiate a debug session.

Although Go to Cursor does not set a permanent breakpoint, it does allow the program to stop at a permanent breakpoint if it encounters one before reaching the line the cursor is on. If this occurs, you must choose Go to Cursor again.

Use Go to Cursor to advance the run bar to the part of your program you want to debug.

If you want your program to stop at a certain statement every time it reaches that point, set a breakpoint on that line.

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