> Running the Resource Compiler
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   Running the Resource Compiler

The Resource Compiler is a DOS application that

 - takes a resource script file (<FileName>.RC) as input and generates a
   binary resource file (<FileName>.RES).
 - adds the resources directly to the executable file.(This eliminates the
   need to use the $R <file name> directive.)

You can combine both steps to directly modify an existing .EXE file to update the resources. In each case, your Turbo Pascal source code (<FileName>.PAS) must include commands for loading the resources into memory.

You run the Resource Compiler at the DOS prompt or in a DOS window in Windows.


 {To generate a binary .RES file:}
   RC [options]  <.RC input file>   [.EXE output file]

 {To attach the .RES file to the executable file:}
   RC <.RES binary file>

 {To directly update the resources in the .EXE file:}
   RC <.RC input file>

Note: Items in square brackets are optional.

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