Borland Pascal Units


   Borland Pascal Units

Borland Pascal includes run-time libraries for DOS real mode, DOS protected mode and Windows. The commonly used units of each run-time library are located in the following files:

   - TURBO.TPL  (DOS real mode)
   - TPP.TPL   (DOS protected mode)
   - TPW.TPL  (Windows)

Additional units are distributed in separate .TPU, .TPP and .TPW files.

DOS real mode

TURBO.TPL contains: System, Overlay, Crt, Dos, Printer Separate units (.TPUs): Graph, Strings, WinDos, Turbo3, Graph3

DOS protected mode

TPP.TPL contains: System, Crt, Dos, Printer, Strings, WinDos, WinAPI Separate unit (.TPP): Graph


TPW.TPL contains: System, Strings, WinTypes, WinProcs, Win31, WinAPI, WinDos,  WinCrt, WinPrn

Additional units: Supplied in source code form. See New 3.1 API for more information.

Units new to this version


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