> assembler (procedure directive)
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  assembler (procedure directive)

In an assembler directive, you can write complete procedures and functions in built-in assembler, without a begin...end statement .

The assembler directive causes the compiler to perform these code-generation optimizations:

  - Value Parameters: The compiler does not generate code to copy value
    parameters into local variables.
  - Function Result Variable: The compiler does not allocate a function
    result variable, and a reference to the @Result symbol is an error.
  - Stack Frame: The compiler generates no stack frame for procedures and
    functions with no parameters or local variables.

The value-parameters optimization affects all string-type value parameters and other value parameters whose size is not 1, 2, or 4 bytes.

Within the procedure or function, such parameters must be treated as var parameters.

String functions are an exception to the function-result optimization--they always have an @Result pointer allocated by the caller.

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