> How to Add Transfer Items


  How to Add Transfer Items

Using the Modify/New dialog box, take these steps to add a new file to the Transfer dialog box:

  1. Type a short description of the program you're adding on the Program
     Title input box.
  2. Note that if you want your program to have a keyboard shortcut (like
     the S in the Save choice on the File menu or the t in the Cut choice on
     the Edit menu), you should include a tilde (~) in the name. Whatever
     character follows the tilde appears underlined on the Tools menu,
     indicating that you can press that key to choose the program from the
  3. Tab to Program Path and enter the program name and optionally include
     the full path to the program. (If you don't enter an explicit path,
     only programs in the current directory or programs in your regular
     path are found.)
  4. Tab to Command Line and type any parameters or macro commands you
     want passed to the program. Macro commands always start with a dollar 4
     sign ($) and are entered in upper case. For example, if you enter
     $CAP EDIT, all output from the program is redirected to a special Edit
     window in the IDE.
  5. If you want to assign a hot key, tab to the Hot Key settings and assign
     a shortcut to this program. Transfer shortcuts must be Shift plus a
     function key. Keystrokes already assigned appear in the list but are
     unavailable.  (This step is optional.)
  6. Now click or choose the New button to add this program to the list.

To modify an existing transfer program, highlight it in the Program Titles list of the Transfer dialog box, then choose Edit. After making the changes in the Modify/New Transfer dialog box, choose the Modify button.

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