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 ▄ The Borland Pascal Editor

There are many ways to get into an open Edit window (make it active):

 1)  Click it.
 2)  Press Alt+# (where # is that Edit
     window's number).
 3)  Choose the window from the Window│List
     dialog box.
 4)  Press (or click) F6 to cycle through the
     open windows.

To close the active Edit window, choose Window│Close.

Once in the Edit window, you enter text just as if you were using a typewriter.

 ■ When you want to end a line, press Enter.
 ■ To exit the editor, press F10.

The maximum line width in an Edit window is 249 characters; you'll get a beep if you try to type past that.

However, the compiler recognizes a maximum of 126 characters per line.

You can right click your mouse to bring up the edit local menu.

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