> TEML terminating commands


  TEML terminating commands

The terminating commands cause an exit from the editor. They can only appear as the last command of a macro.

  Command         │ Action
  ChangeModeFlags │ Used after a command such as ToggleInsert which changes
                  │ the state of an editor option switch. Causes the IDE to
                  │ update various menu items and/or icons.
  Exit            │ Exits editor, highlights top menu bar.
  GetFindString   │ Opens a dialog box for the Search operation.
  PrintBlock      │ Writes selected text to the printer.
  ReadBlock       │ Opens dialog box requesting a file name to be read into
                  │ the buffer at the cursor location and marked as
                  │ selected  text.
  RepeatSearch    │ Searches again, using previous parameters.
  Replace         │ Opens an dialog box for the Replace operation.
  WordHelp        │ Opens a Help window for word at cursor.
  WriteBlock      │ Opens dialog box requesting a file name to which the
                  │ selected text will be written.

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