SetLineStyle (procedure) (Graph unit)


 SetLineStyle (procedure)     (Graph unit)

Sets the current line width and style.


 procedure SetLineStyle(LineStyle: Word; Pattern: Word; Thickness: Word);


Real, Protected


Affects all lines drawn by Line, LineTo, Rectangle, DrawPoly, Arc, and so on.

Lines can be drawn solid, dotted, centerline, or dashed. If invalid input is passed to SetLineStyle, GraphResult returns a value of grError, and the current line settings will be unchanged. See Line style constants for a list of constants used to determine line styles.

LineStyle is a value from SolidLn to UserBitLn(0..4), Pattern is ignored unless LineStyle equals UserBitLn, and Thickness is NormWidth or ThickWidth. When LineStyle equals UserBitLn, the line is output using the 16-bit pattern defined by the Pattern parameter. For example, if Pattern = $AAAA, then the 16-bit pattern looks like this:

 1010101010101010         _{ NormWidth }
 1010101010101010         _{ ThickWidth }


Must be in graphics mode.

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