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The Search│Find Error command displays the Find Error dialog box, where you direct Borland Pascal to find the location of a run-time error.

When a run-time error occurs, the address in memory of where it occurred is given in the format Seg:Ofs. When you return to the IDE, Borland Pascal automatically locates the error for you.

With the Find Error command, you can find the error again, given the Seg and Ofs values.

For Find Error to work, you must first check the Debugging Integrated check box (in the Options│Debugger dialog box).

  Finding Errors When Running Within the IDE

If run-time errors occur in a program running within the IDE, Borland Pascal automatically sets the default values for the error address. This allows you to relocate the error after changing files.

Note: If you just move around in the same

      file, you can get back to the error's
      location with the Ctrl-Q W command.

  Finding Errors When Running Under DOS

If run-time errors occur in a program running under DOS:

 1) Record the segment and offset values
    displayed onscreen.
 2) Load the program into the editor, or
    specify its name in Compile│Primary File.
 3) Set Compile│Destination to Disk.
 4) Type the Segment:Offset value in the
    Error Address input box of the Find Error
    dialog box.

Enter the error address in hexadecimal segment and offset notation (xxxx:yyyy); for example, 2BE0:FFD4.

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