> Run Trace Into (F7)


 ▄ Run│Trace Into     (F7)

The Trace Into command runs your program statement-by-statement. When it reaches a procedure call, Trace Into executes each statement within the procedure.

(Run│Step Over executes the procedure as a single step).

 ■ If the statement DOES NOT contain any calls
   to procedures accessible to the debugger,
   Trace Into stops at the next executable

 ■ If the statement DOES contain a call to a
   procedure accessible to the debugger, Trace
   Into halts at the beginning of the
   procedure's definition. Subsequent Trace
   Into or Step Over commands run the
   statements in the procedure's definition.

When the debugger leaves the procedure, it resumes evaluating the statement that contains the call.

Use the Trace Into command to move the run position into a procedure called by the one you are currently debugging.

■ NOTE: The Trace Into command only recognizes procedures defined in a source file that has been compiled with these two options selected:

 ■ In the Options│Compiler dialog box, the
   Debug Information option must be checked.

 ■ In the Options│Debugger dialog box, the
   Integrated Debugging check box must be

The debugger must also be able to find the source file on your disk.

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