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 ▄ Run│Run  (Ctrl-F9)

The Run command runs your program, using any parameters you pass to it with the Run│Parameters command.

If the source code has been modified since the last compilation, the compiler will automatically do a make and link your program.

If you don't want to debug your program, make sure the Options│Compiler│Debug Information check box is unchecked (off).

If you compile your program with the Integrated Debugging check box checked, the resulting executable code will contain debugging information that affects the Run│Run command in the following ways:

1. If you HAVE NOT modified your source code since the last compilation:

 ■ The Run│Run command causes your program to
   run to the next breakpoint, or to the end
   if no breakpoints have been set.

2. If you HAVE modified your source code since the last compilation, and:

 ■ If you ARE NOT stepping through your
   program, the compiler recompiles your
   program and sets it to run from the

 ■ If you ARE already stepping through your
   program, using the Run│Step Over or Run│
   Trace Into commands, Run│Run prompts you
   whether you want to rebuild the program.

   ■■ If you answer Yes, the compiler makes
      and links your program, and sets it to
      run from the beginning.
   ■■ If you answer No, your program runs to
      the next breakpoint--or to the end if
      no breakpoints are set.

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