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  Real types

A real type has a set of values that is a subset of real numbers, which can be represented in floating-point notation with a fixed number of digits.

A value's floating-point notation normally is made up of three values--M, B, and E--such that M x B E = N where B is always 2, and both M and E are integral values within the real type's range.

Turbo Pascal provides five predefined real types. Each type has a specific range and precision:

   Type      Range               Digits  Bytes
   real      2.9e-39..1.7e38     11-12   6
   single    1.5e-45..3.4e38     7-8     4
   double    5.0e-324..1.7e308   15-16   8
   extended  3.4e-4932..1.1e4932 19-20   0
   comp     -9.2e18..9.2e18      19-20   8

Note: The comp type is a 64-bit integer. It holds only integral values within the range

 (-2 63 + 1) to (2 63 - 1).

Turbo Pascal supports two models of floating-point code generation:

You use the $N compiler directive to switch between the two models.

In the $N+ state, the $E compiler directive controls whether to include an 8087 software emulation library in the final program.

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