Overlay Unit Name Directive


  Overlay Unit Name Directive

 Turns a unit into an overlay.

   Syntax:     {$O UnitName}
   Type:       Local
   Menus:      none


Real mode

When you compile a program, {$O UnitName} specifies which of the units used by the program should be placed in an .OVR file instead of in the .EXE file.

{$O UnitName} directives must be placed after the program's uses clause.

The {$O UnitName} directive has no effect if used in a unit.

The compiler reports an error if you attempt to overlay a unit that wasn't compiled in the {$O+} state.

Any unit named in a {$O UnitName} directive must have been compiled with the Overlays Allowed option checked (in the Options|Compiler dialog box).

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