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 │ Out of memory │

This error occurs when the compiler has run out of memory.

Try these possible solutions, in this order:

1) Fix the problem outside the IDE:

   ■ Remove TSRs from memory.
   ■ Modify CONFIG.SYS to remove unnecessary
     drivers; also reduce files and buffers
     (SET FILES = 20, SET BUFFERS = 20).

2) Reconfigure Borland Pascal:

   ■ Set Compile│Destination set to Disk.
   ■ Set Options│Linker│Link buffer to Disk.
     ■■ Turn Graphics Screen Save OFF

3) Modify your source code:

   ■ Overlay units in your program
   ■ In Options│Memory Sizes, reduce
     Stack Size and Low Heap Limit
   ■ In Options│Compiler Options:
     ■■ Turn both Range Checking and
        Stack Checking OFF
     ■■ Turn Emulation OFF during debugging

4) Try using the IDE to edit your program,

   then use the command-line compiler
   (TPC.EXE or TPCX.EXE) to compile it and
   Turbo Debugger to debug it.

If none of these suggestions help, your program or unit might just be too large to compile in the amount of memory available; you might have to break it into two or more smaller units.

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