> How to Use Syntax Highlighting


  How to Use Syntax Highlighting

These are the elements of Pascal code whose colors/attributes you can modify for display in the Edit window:

  Comments     Reserved Words  Strings
  Identifiers  Symbols         Numbers

■ To turn on or off the display of syntax highlighting, use the [X] Syntax Highlighting option in the Editor Options dialog box. (Options│Environment│Editor...)

■ To modify the default colors/attributes for elements of code:

 1) Open the Colors dialog box.
 2) In the Group list box, choose Syntax.
 3) In the Item list box, choose an element of
    code to recolor.
 4) In the Foreground palette, choose the new
    text color or attribute.
 5) In the Background palette, choose the new
    background color or attribute.

    The sample text in the Item Color block
    displays the colors you have chosen for
    that element of code.

    When you finish modifying that element's
    colors, you can repeat steps 3, 4, and 5
    for another element, or go to step 6.

 6) To accept all the color modifications and
    close the dialog box, choose OK or press

  Chosing a new color

You can choose a color with the mouse or keyboard.

To choose colors with the Mouse, click on a color in the foreground or background palette.

To choose colors with the keyboard, tab to the foreground or background palette and use the arrow keys to select a color.

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