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 ▄ How to Use Menus

When you're in a window, there are three ways to select a menu command:

 ┌─────┐  Press F10, then use the arrow keys
 │ F10 │  to go to the menu you want and use
 └─────┘  them again to select a command.
          Press Enter to choose the selected

 ┌─────┐  Press Alt and the highlighted letter
 │ Alt │  of the menu you want (such as Alt+F
 └─────┘  for the File menu), use the arrow
          keys to select a command, then press
          Enter to choose that command.

You can also press the highlighted letter of a menu name or command instead of using the arrow keys.

 ┌─[Ё)─┐  Click the title of the menu you want
 │Mouse│  to pull down, then click the menu
 └─────┘  command you want to choose.

The highlighted menu title is the currently selected menu.

Menu commands are followed by either an ellipsis mark (...), an arrow, or a hot key.

  Mark │ Name     │ What the Menu Command Does
  ...  │ Ellipsis │ Brings up a dialog box
       │          │
    >  │ Arrow    │ Displays another menu
       │          │
   F4  │ Hot key  │ Initiates some action when
 (etc.)│          │ you choose that command or
       │          │ press the specified hot key

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