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 ▄ Help on the Startup Options dialog box

The Startup Options dialog box consists of one group of check boxes, two input boxes, and the standard OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.

■ NOTE: The changes that you make in this dialog box are written directly to TURBO.EXE or BP.EXE and don't take effect until the next time you load the IDE.

 │ [X] Dual Monitor Support 
 │ [X] Graphics Screen Save 
 │ [X] EGA/VGA Palette Save 
 │ [X] CGA Snow Checking    
 │ [X] LCD Color Set        
 │ [X] Load .TPL file       
 │ [X] Preserve symbols     
 │ [X] Return to last dir   

This group of options controls the IDE's startup behavior.

 │ Swap file size ║     0      

This input box is where you specify the size of the swap area. The default is zero K.

 │ Swap file directory ║                    

This input box is where you specify the drive and path of a "fast" swap area, such as a RAM disk.

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 Command-line options 

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