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 ▄ Help on the Replace dialog box

The Replace dialog box contains two input boxes with associated history lists, three sets of radio buttons, one group of check boxes, the standard OK, Cancel, and Help buttons, and a Change All button.

Most components of the Replace dialog box are identical to those in the Find dialog box.

 │ Text to find ║                   │   │

Enter the search string in the Text to Find input box and choose OK to begin the search, or choose Cancel to forget it.

Press the Down arrow key if you want to show the history list associated with the input box.

 │ New text ║                       │   

Enter the replacement string in the New Text input box.

You can also use the history list to the right of the box to select a string you've used previously.

 │ Direction     │
 │  (∙) Forward  │
 │  ( ) Backward │

Direction specifies which way you want Borland Pascal to search, starting from the current cursor position. Forward (from the current position to the end of the file) is the default.

 │ Scope                │
 │  (∙) Global          │
 │  ( ) Selected text   │

Scope determines how much of the file Borland Pascal searches in. Global (entire file) is the default scope.

 │ Origin               │
 │  (∙) From Cursor     │
 │  ( ) Entire Scope    │

Origin specifies where the search should start.

 │ [X] Case sensitive     
 │ [X] Whole words only   
 │ [X] Regular expression 

This group of check boxes governs the kind of strings that Borland Pascal searches for, and whether the replacement is automatic.

 │ [ Change All ] 

Choose Change All if you want Borland Pascal to replace all occurrences of the search string found, as defined by the Direction, Scope, and Origin options.

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