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 ▄ Help on the Preferences Dialog Box

The Preferences dialog box consists of three sets of radio buttons, two groups of check box options, and the standard OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.

 │ Screen sizes     
 │  ( ) 25 lines    │
 │  ( ) 43/50 lines │

The Screen Size radio buttons specify whether the Borland Pascal environment screen displays text in 25 lines or 43/50 lines.

 │ Source tracking      
 │  ( ) New window      │
 │  ( ) Current window  │

The Source Tracking options specify which Edit window Borland Pascal uses to display your source code as you step through your program during a debugging session.

If the line referenced isn't open in an edit window, the IDE opens it and highlights the appropriate line

 │ Auto save         │
 │  [ ] Editor files 
 │  [X] Environment  
 │  [X] Desktop      

The Auto Save options define when and how often Borland Pascal saves information about your open files, settings, and options.

 │ Desktop file                
 │  ( ) Current directory      │
 │  ( ) Config file directory  │

The Desktop File set of options controls where your desktop (in the file TURBO.DSK, TPX.DSK or BP.DSK) is saved to on exit and restored from when you return to the IDE.

Your desktop information will not be saved unless a .TP file is created (automatically or manually with the Options│Save  command) and the Desktop radio button is set to something other than None.

 │ Options                                       │
 │  [ ] Auto track source                        
 │  [X] Close on go to source                    
 │  [ ] Change dir on open                       

These options control how the Browser windows and editor windows interact.

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