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 ▄ Help on the Breakpoints dialog box

The Breakpoints dialog box is where you set, delete, and edit breakpoints. Whenever your running program encounters a breakpoint, it will stop with a run bar positioned on the line with the breakpoint.

This dialog box consists of a list box, the standard OK and Help buttons, and four additional buttons (Edit, Delete, View and Clear All).

■ NOTE: This dialog box has no Cancel button, so edit and delete with care.

 │ Breakpoint List   Line# Condition   Pass │
 │                                          │
 │                                          │
 │                                          │
 │                                          │

The Breakpoint List list box shows each set breakpoint plus its line number, conditions and pass count setting.

There is a history list for conditions so you can select a breakpoint condition you've used before.

 │ [ Edit ] 

The Edit button opens the Edit Breakpoint dialog box so you can add a new breakpoint to the list.

 │ [ Delete ] 

The Delete button removes the breakpoint that's highlighted in the Breakpoint List.

 │ [ View ] 

The View button activates the Edit window and moves the cursor to the selected breakpoint in that window.

 │ [ Clear All ] 

The Clear All button removes all the breakpoints in the Breakpoint List.

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