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 ▄ Files List Box

The Files list box displays all these things:

 ■ All file names in the current directory
   that match the specifications in the
   input box
 ■ The parent directory
 ■ All subdirectories

To make the list box active, click it or press Tab until the list box name is highlighted.

The Files list box is updated to show the files in the directory you've currently chosen.

You can use the Up or Down arrow keys to move around and select a file name. Once you've found the file you want, press Enter to open it.

You can also double-click any file name in the box to open that file. You might have to scroll the box to see all the names.

Another way to move between files listed in the Files list box is to type the first letter(s) of the file name you want to go to.

Type a lowercase letter to search for a file name and an uppercase letter to search for a directory name.

On the bottom of the Files list box is a file information panel that shows path name, file name, date, time, and size of the selected file. (None of the items on this panel are selectable.)

As you scroll through the list, the panel is updated for each file.

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