> DPMI errors


 DPMI errors

You could receive these errors while running your program in protected mode.


A20 line already enabled, so test is meaningless

Stub errors

 Stub error (0001)    needs at least 286
 Stub error (2002)    can't find rtm.exe
 Stub error (2003)    can't find DPMI16BI.OVL
 Stub error (0012)    file not found
 Stub error (0013)    path not found
 Stub error (0015)    file access denied
 Stub error (0018)    not enough memory to load file
 Stub error (001A)    invalid environment
 Stub error (001B)    invalid file
 Error                no DOS extensions in the DPMI server
 Error                needs DOS 3.x or higher
 Error                failed to locate DPMI server (DPMI16BI.OVL)

RTM errors

 Loader error (0001)  out of memory
 Loader error (0002)  out of selectors
 Loader error (0003)  out of internal tables
 Loader error (0020)  invalid dynamic link
 Loader error (0022)  couldn't open file
 Loader error (0023)  invalid exe format
 Loader error (0024)  wrong version
 Loader error (0025)  cannot initialize
 Loader error (0026)  DLL initialization error
 Error                error in the environment string
 Runtime error        invalid entry point called
 Application errors   Application load & execute error 0001
                          Application load & execute error FFE0

DPMI server errors

 DPMI error (4001)    insufficient memory for initialization
 DPMI error (4002)    memory manager does not support DPMI or VCPI
 DPMI error (4004)    unrecognized hardware, run DPMINST
 DPMI error (4005)    unrecognized environment parameters
 DPMI error (4007)    bad A20 off parameter
 DPMI error (4008)    bad A20 on parameter
 DPMI error (4009)    bad switch parameter
 DPMI error (400A)    insufficient extended memory
 DPMI error (400C)    cannot create linear address space
 DPMI error (400D)    cannot create system linear space
 DPMI error (400E)    cannot copy kernel to high memory
 DPMI error (4010)    unable to copy DOSX
 DPMI error (4011)    unable to copy IDT
 DPMI error (4012)    unable to create int chain table
 DPMI error (4013)    unable to create PM stack
 DPMI error (4014)    unable to initialize swapping
 DPMI error (400F)    undefined error
 DPMI error           Bad environment params
 DPMI error           Machine not in database (run DPMIINST)
 DPMI error           Not enough memory for PM init
 DPMI error           V86 task without vcpi

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