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 The Declaration Browser

The Declaration view is the top pane of the browser windows that displays the name and the declaration of the symbol being browsed.

Hot keys used in the Declaration view

 Hot key             Mouse equivalent             What it does

 Ctrl+I              Click I in window frame      Display inheritance info
 Ctrl+O              Right-click to display       Display Local Browser
                     browser local menu, then     dialog box
                     click Options
 Ctrl+P              Click Search|Previous        Open the previous
                     browser                      browser window
 Ctrl+R              Click R in window frame      Display reference info
 Ctrl+S              Click S in window frame      Display scope info
 Shift+next browsing Hold down Shift and click    Reverses current Sub-
 action              next browsing action         Browsing option for this
                                                  action only

You can use the Qualified Symbols option to display the fully qualified name of the the symbol you are viewing.

See Using the ObjectBrowser for more information.

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