Overlay Code Generation Switch


  Overlay Code Generation Switch

 Enables, disables overlay code generation

 Syntax: {$O+} or {$O-}
 Default: {$O-}
 Type:      Global
 Menus: [X] Overlays Allowed


 Real mode
 The {$O+} State

In the {$O+} state, the code generator takes special precautions when passing string and set constant parameters from one overlaid procedure or function to another.

Using {$O+} in a unit does not force you to overlay that unit, but the compiler allows a unit to be overlaid only if it was compiled with {$O+}.

If you develop units that you plan to use in both overlaid and non-overlaid applications, compiling them with {$O+} ensures that you can do both with just one version of the unit.

Note: A {$O+} compiler directive is almost always used with a {$F+} directive to satisfy the overlay manager's FAR call requirement.

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