uses (reserved word)


 uses (reserved word)

Each identifier in a uses clause names a unit used by the current program or unit.


 uses identifier, ... identifier;


To locate a unit specified in a uses clause, the compiler first checks the resident units loaded from TPW.TPL at startup time.

If the compiler does not find the specified unit (UnitName) in the resident units, it searches for that unit on disk. The compiler searches for the unit as UNITNAME.TPW or TPU .TPW is the extension from Windows units. TPU is the extension for DOS units.

The compiler searches in the current directory and in the directories specified in Options|Directories|Unit Directories.

Windows Example

 program MyProgram;
 uses WinDos, WinCrt;   { program can now use }
                        { routines in WinDos and WinCrt }

DOS Example

 program MyProgram;
 uses Dos, Crt;         { program can now use }
                        { routines in Dos and Crt }

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