Hot Keys for Debugger Operations


 ▄ Hot Keys for Debugger Operations
  Hot Key │ What It Does
  F1      │ Calls up context-sensitive Help
  F4      │ Runs program, stops at cursor line
  F5      │ Zooms and unzooms active window
  F6      │ Switches active window
  F7      │ Executes tracing into functions or procedures
  F8      │ Executes skipping function or procedure calls
  F10     │ Goes to menu bar
  Ctrl+F2 │ Program reset
  Ctrl+F3 │ Displays call stack
  Ctrl+F4 │ Evaluates an expression
  Ctrl+F7 │ Adds a watch expression
  Ctrl+F8 │ Toggles breakpoints on/off
  Ctrl+F9 │ Runs program to breakpoint; does a make first
          │ if necessary
  Alt+F5  │ Switches to the User screen
  Alt+F6  │ Switches between open windows
  Alt+C   │ Goes to the Compile menu
  Alt+D   │ Goes to the Debug menu
  Alt+R   │ Goes to the Run menu

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