> Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures E-F


  Borland Pascal Functions and Procedures E-F

    Ellipse          Proc  Draws an elliptical arc.
    EnvCount         Func  Returns the number of strings contained in the DOS
    EnvStr           Func  Returns a specified environment string.
    Eof              Func  Returns the end-of-file status.
    Eoln             Func  Returns the end-of-line status of a text file.
    Erase            Proc  Erases an external file.
    Exclude          Proc  Excludes an element from a set.
    Exec             Proc  Executes a specified program with a specified
                           command line.
    Exit             Proc  Exits immediately from the current block.
    Exp              Func  Returns the exponential of the argument.
    FileExpand       Func  Expands a file name into a fully-qualified file
    FilePos          Func  Returns the current file position of a file.
    FileSearch       Func  Searches for a file.
    FileSize         Func  Returns the current size of a file.
    FileSplit        Func  Splits a file name into its three components.
    FillChar         Proc  Fills a specified number (count) of contiguous
                           bytes with a specified value (can be type Byte or
    FillEllipse      Proc  Draws a filled ellipse.
    FillPoly         Proc  Fills a polygon, using the scan converter.
    FindFirst        Proc  Searches the specified directory for the matching
    FindNext         Proc  Finds the next entry that matches the name and
                           attributes specified in an earlier entry call to
    FloodFill        Proc  Fills a bounded region with the current fill
                           pattern and color.
    Flush            Proc  Flushes the buffer of a text file open for output.
    Frac             Func  Returns the fractional part of the argument.
    FreeMem          Proc  Disposes a dynamic variable of a given size.
    FreeMultiSel     Proc  Frees a TMultiSelRec record allocated by
    FSplit           Proc  Splits the file name into its three components.

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