asm (reserved word)


   asm (reserved word)

Accesses the built-in assembler.


     AssemblerStmt <Separator AssemblerStmt>


  - AssemblerStmt is an assembler statement
  - Separator is a semicolon, a new-line, or a Pascal comment


When placing multiple assembler statements on a single line, separate them with semicolons. Multiple assembler statements on separate lines do not require a semicolon.

In an asm statement, a semicolon does not indicate that the rest of the line is a comment. Comments must be Pascal style, using { and } or (* and *).

Register Use

The rules of register use in an asm statement are the same as those of an external procedure or function.

An asm statement must preserve these registers:

 BP   SP
 SS   DS

An asm statement can freely modify these registers:

 AX   BX
 CX   DX
 SI   DI
 ES   Flags

On entry to the asm statement, the built-in assembler knows only the BP, SP, SS, and DS registers; it can assume nothing else about register contents.

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