TextColor (procedure) (Crt unit)


 TextColor (procedure)     (Crt unit)

Selects the foreground character color.


 procedure TextColor(Color: Byte);


Real, Protected


Color is an integer expression in the range 0..15, corresponding to one of the text color constants defined in Crt.

There is a byte-type variable Crt--TextAttr--that is used to hold the current video attribute. TextColor sets bits 0-3 to Color. If Color is greater than 15, the blink bit (bit 7) is also set; otherwise, it is cleared.

You can make characters blink by adding 128 to the color value. The Blink constant is defined for that purpose; in fact, for compatibility with Turbo Pascal 3.0, any Color value above 15 causes the characters to blink. The foreground of all characters subsequently written will be in the specified color.

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