TPUMOVER, the unit mover


 ▌ TPUMOVER, the unit mover

This utility allows you to add or remove units from the standard unit file, TURBO.TPL or TURBO.TPP.

Adding units to TURBO.TPL or .TPP takes up memory (TURBO.TPL or .TPP is automatically loaded into memory by the compiler), but it makes "using" the unit faster because the unit is in memory, not on disk.


You can use several command-line parameters that let you manipulate units quickly.

The syntax for these parameters is

  TPUMOVER filename operations

where filename is either a .TPP file or a .TPL file,

  and operations is an optional list of
  one or more of the following commands:

  +unitname    Add a unit to the library.
  -unitname    Delete a unit from the library.
  *unitname    Extract a unit from the library.

If no operations are specified, TPUMOVER lists the units in the library file along with size and dependency information.

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