Built-in Assembler Statement


 Built-in Assembler Statement

The syntax of an assembler statement is

   [Label:] <Prefix> [Opcode [Operand <,Operand>]]
   asm AsmStaatement < Separator Asmstatement > end


  - AsmStatement is an assembler statement
  - Separator is a semicolon; a new line, or a Pascal comment
  - Label is a label identifier
  - Prefix is an assembler prefix opcode (operation code)
  - Opcode is an assembler instruction opcode or directive
  - Operand is an assembler express

You can put multiple assembler statements on one line if they are separated by semicolons. A semicolon is not required between two assembler statements if they are on separate lines.

Comments must be written in Pascal style, using { and } or (* and*).

Comments are allowed between assembler statements, but not within them.

Код для вставки: :: :: :: ::
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