OutTextXY (procedure) (Graph unit)


 OutTextXY (procedure)     (Graph unit)

Sends a string to the output device.


 procedure OutTextXY(X,Y: Integer; TextString: string);


Real, Protected


Displays TextString at (X, Y). TextString is truncated at the viewport border if it is too long. If one of the stroked fonts is active, TextString is truncated at the screen boundary if it is too long. If the default (bit-mapped) font is active and the string is too long to fit on the screen, no text is displayed.

Use OutText to output text at the current pointer; use OutTextXY to output text elsewhere on the screen.

OutTextXY uses the font set by SetTextStyle. To maintain code compatibility when using several fonts, use the TextWidth and TextHeight calls to determine the dimensions of the string.

OutTextXY uses the output options set by SetTextJustify (justify, center, rotate 90 degrees, and so on).


Must be in graphics mode.

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