Built-in Assembler Prefix Opcodes


 Built-in Assembler Prefix Opcodes

The built-in assembler supports the following prefix opcodes:

   Opcode           What It Means

   LOCK             Bus lock
   REP              Repeat string operation
   REPE             Repeat string operation while equal
   REPZ             Repeat string operation while 0
   REPNE            Repeat string operation while not equal
   REPNZ            Repeat string operation while not 0
   SEGCS            CS (code segment) override
   SEGDS            DS (data segment) override
   SEGES            ES (extra segment) override
   SEGSS            SS (stack segment) override

An assembler instruction can be prefixed by zero, one, two, or three of these opcodes.

If you specify a prefix opcode without an instruction opcode in the same statement, the prefix opcode affects the instruction opcode in the next assembler statement.

Because some 80x86 processors do not handle all combinations correctly, ordering in multiple prefix opcodes is important.

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