Identifiers denote the following:

Identifiers can be of any length, but only the first 63 characters are significant.

  - The first character of an identifier must be a letter.
  - The characters that follow the first one must be letters, digits, or
    underscores (no spaces).

Like reserved words, identifiers are not case-sensitive.

Qualified identifiers

When several instances of the same identifier exist, you might need to qualify the identifier with a unit identifier in order to select a specific instance.

The combined identifier is called a qualified identifier.


 (* Identifiers *)

 (* Qualified identifiers *)
 System.MemAvail  (* unit = System, identifier = MemAvail *)
 Dos.Exec         (* unit = Dos, identifier = Exec *)
 Crt.Window       (* unit = Crt, identifier = Window *)

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