> How to Add a Program to the Tools menu


  How to Add a Program to the Tools menu

Select Options|Tools|New to display the Modify/New Tool dialog box.

 ■ Step 1

In the Title input box, type a short description of the program you're adding.

If you want the program to have a keyboard shortcut (like the "S" in the Save command or the "t" in the Cut command), include a tilde (~) in the name (like this: ~Save or Cu~t).

 ■ Step 2

Choose the Program Path input box and enter the program name.

You can include the full path to the program, but it's not required.

 ■ Step 3

Choose the Command Line input box and type any parameters or macro commands you want passed to the program.

Macro commands always start with a dollar sign ($).

 ■ Step 4

If you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to the program, go to the Hot Key buttons and choose a keyboard shortcut.

Keystrokes already assigned appear in the list but are unavailable.

 ■ Step 5

Click or choose the New button to add the program to the list.

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